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A trip into the heart of the Huron-Wendat history and their ancient way of life

  • Visit the Huron Long House <Annonchia>.
  • Presentation of the traditional way of life and the social organization at the time when the Europeans arrived.
  • Remind the traditional means of transport.
  • Initiation into the spiritual life of the Huron Nation by entering the sweat lodge (ENDEONNSK8A).
  • Presentation of the legend of the creation of the world Discover Native American traditional food preservation techniques: ETIESATRAOA (smokehouse) and ETI8ATSAOAOA (drying shed).


Tales and legends

According to ancient believes the people who had knowledge had to transmit it to the younger generations within the Nation. This tradition permitted the legends to survive throughout time. Let our story teller share with you the legends of the Creation of the World, the Monstrous Bear, the Discovery of Fire and the Gift from the Great Spirit.

Handicraft necklace

Our young visitors enter into the heart of Native American roots by learning how to create and make a necklace out of traditional pearls. In the past, this necklace as all the other jewellery were the only goods which the Huron could posses. The rest was communal property.

Histoire hurons wendat

Musique indiennes

DURATION: about 2h

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