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(with native tour guide wearing traditional costume)

Visit of the Annonchia, the long house, in which we exposed the traditional way of life and the social organisation at the Europeans arrival. Preservation food technics (smoker and dryer). Reminder of the means of transportation back then. Initiation to the spiritual life of the Huron people. Sweat lodge and medicine of our ancestors. Giant tipi, discovery of the different nations and actual situation of the Huron-Wendats people.


(The wedding ceremony take place at the Huron traditional site)

Our society was a monogamous society and the young girls chose their husband. They had to choose a man in another clan. The chosen man had to move in the clan’s house of the young girl for a trial period. The young man had to give presents to his future bride such as sea shell necklaces and beaver furs. If the young couple did not get along, the man moved back in his own clan and the lady kept the presents. However, if the couple decided to live together, the clan mother organized the wedding.

The ceremony begins with purification of the guests and place (explanation of the purification). The 4 elements “earth, fire, air and water” are present at the marriage. The bear, the deer, a false faces society member attend at the ceremony in order to be witnesses of the union. The turtle’s clan mother invites her daughter (the future bride) to join her. All present men stand all around the bride. The bride takes the stone of love in her hands and the men have to pass 2 times in front of her. The bride has to choose a man from a different clan than hers (turtle clan in that situation). Once she makeS her mind, she gives the stone of love to the man she wants.

Then, the bride’s mother covers her daughter of a skin sheet to protect her from the bad spirits. After, the mother put a headband on her daughter for the wisdom. Because the young girl has been very desired by the men, she wears a lot of necklaces. The bride has in her hands a bark basket full of corn, squash and beans, to prove to her future husband that she knows how to held a garden and that she can meet her family’s food needs.

The dancers invite the future husband, put make up on his face with small stones and explain the signification of the make up. The man wears animal skin and bow on his shoulders to confirm that he is a good hunter. He holds a harpoon to prove to his future bride that he is a good fisherman and he wears a “pare-flèche” by way of good warrior. To complete his costume, the future husband wears proudly the Huron’s hair style to show to his bride that he could be a good chief.

At the end of the ceremony, the newly weds drink one after the other in the vase of the bride and groom. The vase has two spouts. By drinking the water that represents energy and survival, the newly weds merge their positives energies.

To continue, the dancers offer the feather dance to the newly weds. By executing this multicolour dance, the dancers ask for the attention of Grand Manitou to get his protection for the young couple. The ceremony ends with the friendship dance where all guests are invited to join the dancers in that friendship and fraternity exchange.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom are taken to the restaurant to have a traditional meal.


  • Plate of traditional game and traditional drink.
  • Sunflower soup served with bannock (Indian bread).
  • ½ Wapiti kebab and ½ bison in sauce accompanied with wild and white rice and seasonal vegetables.
  • Home cake served with a savoury maple sauce.
  • Wild tea


* Notice that every body attending to the marriage is guests of the future bride and groom and / or the employees of the Huron traditional site. The traditional wedding is not recognized by the law or any religion. However, if you want to have an official celebrant to officialise your union, you just have to invite him to the ceremony. The choice of the person is however under your responsibility and the cost (of any) is upon you.


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