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Site Traditionnel Huron


Located on the Huron-Wendat reservation, the Huron Traditional Site is a unique opportunity to discover the history, the culture and the lifestyle of Hurons of the past and of today.

« The evolutionary path of the Americas has to a certain extent historically tied our people. While visiting our recreated village and by letting yourselves be carried away by our stories, you will discover the hidden faces of the Huron’s way of life. We trust your stay amongst us will bring a better understanding of our evolution and culture ».

Mario Gros-Louis
Owner and founder

Last update: 2017-09-08



Craftmanship package:

Guided tour, 3 services meal & medecine wheel or necklace making

Available every day


Mid-day package:

Guided tour, 3 services meal & dance show

Available saturday & sunday only



It will be a pleasure to welcome you !


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Découvrez le site Huron

Site traditionnel huron Video

Site traditionnel Huron

This remarkable video gives an overview of the Huron site.
Duration : 2 min. 35 sec.

Danse de bienvenue

Native dance

A video shows the dance on huron site
Duration : 1 min. 28 sec.

La maison longue

The long house

A video shows the huron traditional site long house.
Duration : 1 min. 45 sec.

La hutte du chaman

Chaman hut

A video shows the purification ceremony performed by the Chaman.
Duration : 1 min. 41 sec.

La boutique d'artisanat

Handicraft boutique

A video that gives on overview of our boutique.
Duration : 1 min. 22 sec.

  L'histoire des Hurons à travers leur gastronomie